Personalized Money Coaching

What You Can Expect

Our money coaching services go beyond just budgeting money. Virtual Money Coach helps you uncover and understand your whole financial picture, so we can create a personalized cash flow management plan to achieve your goals. We work closely with you, reviewing your life goals, assets, liabilities, income, expenses and other important factors.

Build an expense report

to gain an accurate and clear understanding of where you’re spending your money.

Define short, medium and long-term financial objectives

so you can live the life you desire

Plan, build and maintain an emergency fund

so you can breathe easier and protect you and your loved ones.

Compare your expenses to your income

which will allow us to develop more effective strategies moving forward.

Reveal opportunities for healthier spending habits

so you can get more of what you really want and need, with less waste.

Cut costs wherever possible

so more of your money can be used to pay down debt and be strategically invested.

Be accountable and keep your finances on track

so you can focus on and enjoy all the other aspects of your life.

How It Works

We help bring all of your finances in order so you’re in control and can breathe easier. Learn How It Works

Clients Reviews


"A few months ago I was introduced to Monica through a friend of mine. I had just been laid off from my job due to the covid-19 virus. My friend said that Monica was offering 4 people in these times of trouble some support organizing their finances. I jumped on the opportunity and knew it was time to do that as I felt I had no control over my finances and was still in debt for 10 years as a single mother. Monica took charge and very quickly gave me a budget with a few buttons on her calculator and voila! Having a budget was something new for me and was never something my parents had either. They constantly fought over money. As an adult I avoided the topic of money because it reminded me of the pain of my past with my parents. I was a student ready to learn and committed to sticking to the plan. At first, Monica said I would be out of debt in a year. Well, it only took a few months and I am now officially out of debt. I can only describe this feeling as freedom. Freedom to know that I am in control of my finances and that I can be in control of my spending. Monica is a whiz and will whip you into shape and no time. She is very knowledgeable and very kind. She definitely over delivers and is very generous with her time. I would highly recommend Monica Ross to anyone who is ready to make the change and to give up control to regain control. I'm so thankful I made the call."
- Monika C

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