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An Attitude Of Gratitude

And my practice is, when something happens, good or bad, I need to share it. When it’s a bad day for my son, that affects me, and I reach out to my mom and friends to discuss it, which is how I cope.

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Grand Manan - Groundhog Gale

Lessons from the Lighthouse

The Groundhog Gale of 1976 is apocryphal among those who worked on water, and for good reason. With winds of 116 mph and swells up to 33 ft, it was like nothing anyone who saw it ever had experienced before,

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Sailboat at Sunset

Knowing When You Need Help

Like every business owner, I’ve navigated both good times and lean times. Covid has been a challenge, although we’re fortunate, coming through only mildly scathed, revenues intact. But there was a time we weren’t so lucky. For our first nine

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