How It Works

“I need help budgeting my money!” — We get it

 “I need help budgeting my money” is a common call we get. You’re not alone. In fact, Virtual Money Coach has been helping professionals just like you get a handle on finances since 1999, so you can eliminate the sense of helplessness and stress, and start achieving your goals.


It all starts with a phone call. During your free consultation, your money coach discusses your financial situation, covering your income, expenses, liabilities and debt, along with any other pressing concerns you may have.


Your money coach provides you initial suggestions, and then proposes a personalized plan to get you on the right financial path. It includes a clear, all-inclusive fee, which is often offset by the savings we help you achieve.


We gather the necessary financial information from you so we can help manage your money more effectively. We also schedule a regular weekly 15-minute call to ensure your money is managed optimally, according to plan.


We provide you full ongoing support via phone and email, and proactively ensure you make all the right decisions with money matters. You’ll see positive results immediately, and set the foundation for long-term success.

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Start building a positive, stress-free financial life.

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