Daily Productivity Habits

Success is based on how you use the time available to you every day. To make the most of every minute, follow these simple rules:

  • Use a day planner. Whether you rely on technology or old-fashioned pencil and paper, plan every day for maximum efficiency. Start with a daily to-do list for both short- and long-term projects, carry over unfinished business to the next day, and check your list frequently so nothing important drops off your radar.
  • Set priorities. Don’t just work on tasks randomly. Identify your most important goals, your secondary objectives, and routine items that you can’t ignore. Plan your day around the work that supports your top goals, moving on to other projects when time permits. Always ask yourself, “What’s the most important and productive task I could be working on right now?”
  • Eliminate procrastination. This can be tough, but it separates the truly successful people from the also-rans: Don’t waste time on nonessentials. Get quickly to the point in every conversation and move on as soon as you’re finished. Plan your work, but don’t over-prepare. Decide what you need to accomplish, and then do it. Even if you don’t enjoy certain tasks, think of how relieved you’ll feel once you’re finished.